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) What color is natural cheddar cheese?

2) For every quart of milk a cow produces, how much blood does she filter through her udder?

3) American sprinter Marion Jones recently posed for a milk mustache ad. In the text, she is quoted saying:

"Milk has 9 essential nutrients and can't be beat. Neither can I."

What place did Marion finish in the 100 meter dash in this summer's World Championship?

4) Speaking of "can't be beat" (see question #3), given the opportunity to rank order their beverage of choice (beer, coffee, milk, soda, water, etc.), in what place did consumers rank milk?

5) Which contains more cholesterol? One quart of rich vanilla ice cream or 68 slices of bacon?

6) If you were eating exactly the number of calories required to maintain your present weight and then added one container of LOW-FAT fruit yogurt to your diet each day, how much weight would you gain after one year?

7) How can you determine whether or not your bovine has been infected with Mad Cow Disease?

8) Dairy industry advisors recommend that adult Americans consume 1000 mg. of calcium per day to prevent bone disease. What group of people consume the most calcium in the world, 3500 mg. per day, and what are their rates of osteoporosis?




{What color is natural cheddar cheese?}

1) White. Most people believe that cheddar is naturally orange. Actually, cheddar becomes orange after the addition of a carrot-based food coloring.

{For 1 quart of milk, how much blood is filtered through a cow's uccer?}

2) A cow filters 500 quarts of blood for each quart of milk she produces. Many people consider milk to be white blood. The average quart of milk sold in America in the year 2000 contained 323 million white blood cells.

{In her milk ad, Jones said "Milk can't be beat, neither can I." What was her finish in the 100 meters in the World Championships?}

3) Second.

{How did consumers rate milk against other beverages?}

4) Milk ranked fifth as the beverage of choice among U.S. consumers. Soft drinks led with a 30 percent share, followed by water at 17.3 percent, beer at 12.4 percent, coffee at 10.5 percent, and milk at 10.4 percent. All other beverages combined for the remaining 19.4%.

{Which contains more cholesterol, one quart of ice cream or 68 slices of bacon?}

5) This was a trick question. The quart of vanilla ice cream and the 68 slices of bacon contain the same amount of cholesterol.

{How much weight would you gain by eating a small container of low fat yogurt each day for a year?}

6) 23 1/2 pounds. One container of LOW FAT fruit yogurt contains 225 calories. There are 3500 calories in one pound of human fat. By eating 82,125 more calories than your body required to maintain your current weight, you would gain 23 1/2 pounds in your hips, thighs, tummy and butt. So much for low fat food containing powerful bovine growth hormones.

{How can you tell if your bovine has Mad Cow Disease?}

7) She angrily insists that Al Gore beat Goerge Bush, and when she senses that you don't believe her, she runs away from your farm to attend a WTO demonstration and holds up a sign claiming that all Indian Hindus are sacred, while sitting in the lotus position chanting "moo" backwards. (OK, so this one is not trivia. Get a lawyer and sue me.)

{What group of people eat 3500 mg per day of calcium, and what is the effect?}

8) Inuit Indians (Eskimos) consume the highest per capita amount of calcium in the world and most are crippled with debilitating bone disease by age 40. Here's why:



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